Choose A Boxing Gym For Kids

1. Find out the average age of the participants. A third grader may not fare well in a class where most of the other students are in sixth grade. See if there are separate classes for younger kids, pre-teens, and teenagers.

2. Know the boxing coach’s credentials. How long have they been working with kids? What is their approach with dealing with students who may be shy? What is their training style? Does the coach know first aid and CPR?

3. Examine the equipment. Ask how old the bags, weights, etc. are and when the last time they were replaced or updated. If the gym provides boxing gloves and headgear, inquire how often they are cleaned.

4. Check if the gym’s hours of operation will work with you and your child’s schedule.

5. Learn if sparring and competing are optional or required. Boxing involves hitting and being hit. If children decide after one sparring session that they would rather just do the workout only, how does the coach handle this? If a child is upset after losing a match, what will the coach say to them? What measures will the coach take to make sure your child is safe while participating?

6. Ask what the coach’s expectations are of the parents. Does the coach need parents to volunteer in the gym from time to time? What help will the coach need from the parents when the kids are involved in boxing competitions? If fundraisers are done for the gym, will the parents be expected to participate?