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All about Shooters Shoot

The first thing you are going to want to do in order to become a better shooter is to keep your eyes up and to look at your target. The earlier you look at your target, the easier it is for you to mentally calculate the distance of how far you are leading to a better shooting percentage. Keeping your eyes on your target earlier also gives you more time to gather your feet and have a strong and tight base for a more accurate shot. You want to land in front when shooting. What I mean by this is after you shoot, where you land should be in front of where you jumped. This leads to you putting your momentum forward with your shot instead of fading away against your shot. The next thing I want to talk about is being set before you even have a chance to take off and shoot, having that base results in a quicker shot and an advantage is gained over your defender.

Another big tip is all about your follow-through. Every coach drills into their players’ head to always hold their follow through. Thinking about the end result, the follow through, leads to mentally skipping over the progression of your shot so you just shoot and not think about it. When releasing the ball and following through, you should have as relaxed of a wrist as possible and let the ball spin off of your middle finger. Too firm of a wrist leads to you pushing the ball instead of letting it go.

While in practice, try using a ball that is either multi-colored or has a significantly distance seems on the ball in order to watch your rotation of the ball once you shoot. This lets you receive feedback immediately so you can fix it right away if you need to add more spin.

Adding more spin helps soften the your shot and the bounce it may have on the rim. Next thing you need to do is to put great arc on your shot. The more linear your shot is, the less of a chance it has to go in due to the angle off the ball. Having a higher arc creates the rim to open up more to go in.